New APIs: Mint and Pixagogo

Just a quick note on a couple of new APIs recently added to the API database:

  • Pepper: This API creates an open framework on top of Shaun Inman's well regarded web site metrics and reporting product Mint. (Side note: Shaun is one of the speakers at next month's sold-out workshop The Future of Web Apps taking place in London.)
  • Pixagogo: Build photo applications using the Pixagogo service using either their REST and SOAP APIs. Even though photo APIs like this and the Flickr API can be used to create interesting and/or useful applications, as Richard MacManus points out, it's the mapping APIs that get the most attention.

About 10 APIs have been added over the past month. Thanks to readers as well as some of the API providers for submitting and updating these APIs. (Not all entries are fully documented yet -- use the API feed to keep abreast of updates and new entries.)


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