New APIs: More Twitter, More Enterprise

Besides last week's big API news of the Google AJAX Feeds API and then the Digg API, other notable APIs have been recently added to our API directory including:

  • Twittervision: The folks behind the very popular Twittervision mashup that maps twitterers, now has its own API: "We wanted to publish easy ways for people to work with the location-based information available through Twittervision and Twittermap." The straightforward API has methods for getting the current location and status of a user as well as the ability to update your current location. Note that this is another example of an "API stack", that is, an API on an API, a topic we'll cover more in a later post.
  • NetDocuments: This established SaaS vendor of document management and collaboration services offers their own SOAP-based API for enterprise application integration.

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For API fans, the Twittervision API is even better than that. It's an API constructed on top of one API mashed with another API. Twitter+Yahoo Geocoding.