New APIs: News, Social Media, and SMS

No shortage of new APIs lately. Here's a set of recent additions to the PW Directory that give you news aggregation, social media sharing, and business SMS messaging:

  • Daylife: The news aggregation service Daylife now offers their own API. A showcase example is shown below: the Treehugger RGNDX, or Green Index, that lets you track media mentions of key "green" phrases.
  • RockYou Super Wall API: An API-on-an-API designed to allow developers to distribute content and drive application installs. Lets users of SuperWall access your content. (Always interesting to see more types of "API stacks" where one an API provider is building on top of APIs from other providers. Definitely a trend.)
  • Esendex API: A leading provider of UK Business SMS services that handles over 4 million text messages a month for over 3,000 companies now has a SOAP-based messaging web service.

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