New APIs: Projects, Contacts, and Forms

Our latest set of interesting new APIs are an office-centric group, with APIs for online project management, online contact management, and for web-based forms. Overall there are now 13 APIs tagged "office" and 3 tagged "pm". Here's more on the latest entries:

  • Goplan: This brand new online project management service from Fred Oliveira and the team at WeBreakStuff offers a SOAP-based API that gives you access and control for managing projects, tasks, calendars and other project details.
  • Wufoo: A useful service that takes the tedium out of creating online forms is now beta testing this REST-based API that lets you submit data, query data, and access reports. Created by the sharp team behind Particletree with seed funding from Y Combinator.
  • Big Contacts: Full featured online contact management product with a REST-based API for querying and updating contacts.

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