New APIs: Slides, Clicks, and Kash

Besides the APIs we highlighted in last week's Games, Shopping and Bible post, here's another mix of new APIs added in the past few days:

  • SlideShare: The very popular online service for sharing presentations on the web now offers a REST-base API. It allows for: Uploading presentations, retrieving embedcodes for slideshows, retrieving slideshows for users, retrieving slideshows for tags, and retrieving slideshows for groups.
  • Clicky: This new web site analytics service has an API that "lets you you to extract a range of data from your web site traffic to analyze, store, manipulate, or display within your own web site or application. Nearly every piece of data that you see using our web site, you can also access via the API. The API accepts requests via standard HTTP GET, and can respond with XML, JSON (JavaScript), or PHP."
  • KashFlow: A UK-based online bookkeeping application has a web service API that lets you write code to query, modify and enter data into KashFlow accounts.

You can always view the latest API listings on our New APIs Page or via the API Feed. Note that the API Directory now offers an Advanced Search feature that lets you search for APIs by a combination of tag, category, company and date.


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