New APIs: SMS and Textbooks

Just a quick note on a couple of new APIs listed in our directory this week. One comes from a major mobile telecommunications player and lets you interact with mobile services like SMS and WAP while the other comes from a smaller source but can be handy when shopping for textbooks.

  • Vodafone Betavine API: Vodafone, the global mobile telecommunications provider, has just introduced the Vodafone Betavine API that allows you to send text messages, push web links to mobiles and access Vodafone Betavine content. SMS and WAP are supported. API calls are available in a variety of formats including XML, JSON and RSS.
  • Direct Textbook API: They offer a price comparison service for textbooks with sources including eBay,, Amazon and others. The REST-based API returns XML-formatted results based on queries by ISBN or EAN.

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