New APIs: SMS, Video, and Shop Japan

Six new APIs have been added in the past week including another video-related API (only just last week we wrote about the 13 Video APIs, but of course now make that 14 video-related APIs). There are now 461 APIs listed. Here's more on the latest entries:

  • aql API: SMS provider aql offers a wide variety of APIs and formats for bulk messaging including SOAP, SMS, MMS, SMPP, WAP, text to speech and ringtones.
  • Rakuten API: Japanese shopping web service with a catalog that includes books, CDs and DVDs. We also currently have 13 mashups tagged "japan" and the API for eBook search. The first Rakuten mashup has been listed, Joybeans Shopping, see below.
  • Videodective API: A movie preview search engine featuring trailers, cast, images, and related information. REST-based API gives you access to database of trailers and upcoming release data.

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