New APIs: Urban Maps, Stock Photos, Email

Five new APIs have been added to our listings in the past two days bringing the current total up to 441 APIs. Here are three new ones of note that provide web services for urban geo-location, stock photography, and email marketing:

  • Urban Mapping: Their Urbanware Neighborhoods product is a SOAP-based web service that allows access to "a database of neighborhoods and other informally-defined regions. Specific services include alternative names, relationships with other neighborhoods (nesting, aliases, dominance), multi-lingual support, intersecting postal codes and intersecting municipalities." Urban Mapping was also noted by Brady Forrest over at O'Reilly Radar this week in Trends of Online Mapping Portals.
  • ShutterPoint: This provider of royalty-free stock images has a simple HTTP POST-style API that allows third parties to submit image files.
  • IntelliContact: A service to track email newsletters, surveys, blogs, autoresponders, and RSS feeds. Their REST-based API can be used to manage messages, campaigns and contacts.

On that last point, there are now 13 APIs tagged "email".


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