New APIs: US Federal Spending, Videos, Email

Three new APIs were listed on the site today: one helps you see where $14 trillion in your US taxes go, another gives you search access to 7 million hours of videos, and the third can help you manage and integrate email marketing campaigns.

  • A tool for the public and journalists to find out about US government spending. "The data is largely from two sources: the Federal Procurement Data System, which contains information about federal contracts; and the Federal Assistance Award Data System, which contains information about federal financial assistance such as grants, loans, insurance, and direct subsidies like Social Security." This service was built with support from the Sunlight Foundation who are helping agencies and non-profits use APIs to increase transparency and accountability in government.
  • Blinkx API: The Blinkx service "uses automatic spiders that crawl the Web, and through partnerships with 200 leading content and media companies, blinkx has indexed over 7 million hours of video content and made it fully searchable using speech-to-text transcription and visual analysis." Note that the API documentation is only available after registration.
  • VerticalResponse API: Their new API "allows you to easily integrate e-mail marketing functionality into your current website or software project. By integrating our e-mail service into your current workflow, you can leverage our robust list management, campaign creation/launching, and response management (e.g. bounce/unsubscribe) features."
John Musser

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