New APIs: Videos, Photos and Phones

A few new entries of the 453 listed here cover video, photos-plus-maps, and purchasing phone services. Note that video APIs continue to proliferate, there are now 12 APIs tagged video in our listings. Here are more details on the new APIs:

  • Panoramio API: This Spanish service lets users geolocate, store and organize their photographs and to view those photographs in Google Earth and Google Maps. They launched their own API shortly before their very recent acquisition by Google. It's another example of an "API stack", or an API offered by a service that's built on another service's API. For more on Panoramio see our recent post on Google Buys Mashup.
  • PhoneDog API: An API to research, compare prices, and shop for phone products and services.
  • LiveVideo: A new video sharing service (not "Live" from Microsoft in this case) with a REST-based API.

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