New APIs: Widgets, Photos and Geo

So what type of API was the first to get listed in 2007? Appropriately enough and in-line with the big trends, it was a widget API, Pageflakes. As noted earlier in the week there are now 10 widget APIs listed here. Given the momentum of widgets there will undoubtedly be more to come this year. What else is new?

  • Fotolia API: The royalty free stock photo service has an RSS-based API to their 2+ million photo inventory. Note there's no public documentation of the API but our listing here has one example of usage. Below is metamedias, a RIA Flash-based mashup built on the API:


  • EarthTools API: EarthTools is a collection of free web services for finding out geographical-related information. There are currently three services available for finding the time zone or local time, the sunrise and sunset times, and the elevation/height above sea level at a given latitude and longitude.

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