New App Engine Release focuses on Infrastructure, Tools and Security

Google IO 2012 is underway and Android related announcements took centre stage on the first day. Google’s very own PaaS Platform, App Engine has seen consistent releases over the last 6 months and they used the IO 2012 event to release their latest version 1.7.0 that includes SSL support for Custom Domains, PageSpeed support, a new serving location in EU and Search API enhancements.

One of the most requested features from App Engine has been the ability to serve applications via HTTPS on custom domains. This is now supported via both the Server Name Indication (SNI) and Virtual IP (VIP) options. SNI is priced at $9/month, which includes 5 certificates while the VIP option comes along at $99/month.

The PageSpeed service from Google enables web sites to optimize static content and delivery it faster is now employable in your App Engine applications. This service is now available to HRD applications at an additional $0.39 for each GB of outgoing bandwidth. In our last coverage, we mentioned about the support for Search API and the team has gone a step further this time with enhancements that could simplify location based applications. You can now store latitude and longitude as a GeoPoint in a GeoField, and search documents by distance from that GeoPoint.

To cater to European customers that were concerned about latency, there is now an App Engine cluster that is located in the EU. This is currently available only for paid customers. Other key updates include raising of the application code limit from 150MB to 1GB per application, a BLOB Migration tool to help move the Datastore and Blobstore from the deprecated Master/Slave Datastore to the High Replication Datastore (HRD), which is now the default.

App Engine supports the Go runtime in addition to the Python and Java runtimes. This release also provides an experiment Go SDK download for Windows.

The App Engine team will also be updating the IO 2012 Google+ page throughout the week. So visit that for latest updates.

For more information, refer to the release notes for Java, Python, and Go

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