New App Gallery For The Triple Win

API service provider Mashery (a ProgrammableWeb sponsor) has launched a new app directory at SXSW which features apps built on Mashery hosted APIs.  It’s a great thing for three distinct groups.  First, it helps the API providers who partner with Mashery by encouraging API usage through the apps.  Second, it helps app developers seeking to build an audience.  Third, it helps consumers that might be interested in finding an app that uses a particular API.  Granted, those would be your super savvy mobile app consumers, but that doesn’t seem so far fetched after a week at "spring break for geeks."

Klout has followed suit by launching an app gallery of their own, which lists the interesting Klout integrations across apps and websites.  Major Klout partners include Thomson Reuters, Huffington Post, and Capital One.

These galleries add a couple more reasons for developers to choose Mashery APIs or Klout in particular.  Both companies are demonstrating that they see app developers as true partners by rolling up their sleeves and doing a bit of promotion to help them out.  To top it off, the app gallery even looks great on the iPhone, smartly filtering to include only iOS apps when its viewed on my iPhone.

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