New Ardoq Add-On Visualizes Swagger Documentation

Ardoq, a software Documentation service startup, has announced the general availability of a new Swagger add-on for the Ardoq Platform. The new Swagger add-on visualizes Swagger documentation so that it is easier to understand. The types of visualizations generated by the Swagger add-on include component tree, integrations view, sequence diagram, relationship diagram, and more.


Relationship Diagram of the IBM Watson API, visualized with Ardoq using the Swagger add-on.

Ardoq is a software documentation service platform that automatically generates real-time visualizations of software documentation and allows automatically generated API documentation to be manually combined with getting-started guides, tutorials, and other Resource pages. The Ardoq platform also generates an overview that shows the history of changes made to documentation and features import tools such as JavaDoc Doclet plugin, Excel Import, and more.

The Ardoq platform generates explorable visualizations of documentation based on page hierarchy and page relationships. Types of visualizations that can be generated include (but are not limited to):

  • Process Flow — Shows a diagram of page links, starting with the outgoing link of the current page.
  • Component Tree — Shows the hierarchy of pages, similar to a table of contents.
  • Integrations View — Shows all the incoming and outgoing relationships of the current page as well as its subpages.
  • Relationship Diagram — Shows the incoming and outgoing links for the current page, and all the child pages. Parent pages can also be included.
  • Radar View — Shows all pages for the current hierarchy as sectors.
  • Table View — Shows all of the pages in a table, with their important fields.

The Swagger add-on is the first of several new add-ons the company plans on launching in the near future. For more information about the Ardoq software documentation service platform, visit

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