New AWS Services Help Developers Quickly Build Scalable Mobile Apps

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has just announced the launch of three new services designed specifically to help make it easier for developers to build scalable mobile applications; Amazon Cognito, Amazon Mobile Analytics, and a new and improved AWS Mobile SDK.

The new Amazon Cognito service provides user Authentication functionality and data synchronization across devices. Amazon Cognito makes it possible for developers to incorporate user authentication and data synchronization into mobile applications with only a few lines of code. The service works offline and online providing applications a means for users to save their personal preferences from nearly any device or Platform.

Screenshot of Amazon Mobile Analytics Report -- Image Credit: AWS

Amazon Mobile Analytics is a new service that provides developers an easy way to collect and visualize a variety of mobile application metrics such as current active users, user growth, amount of in-application revenue generated, analyze user behavior, custom events, and more.

The new and improved AWS Mobile SDK, which includes a variety of Amazon mobile APIs, is designed to make building high quality mobile applications quick and easy for developers. The SDK allows developers to build mobile applications on Fire OS devices as well as iOS and Android. The SDK includes connectors to a wide variety of other Amazon services such as Amazon DynamoDB. Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Simple Storage Service, CloudFront, and more. Marco Argenti, Vice President, Mobile at Amazon Web Services states in the press release that:

"We continue to hear from customers that they prefer to avoid having to build any of the undifferentiated parts of their mobile apps. AWS already provides the backend processing, storage, and databases that customers around the world use to power sophisticated mobile apps. We designed AWS Mobile Services, including Amazon Cognito and AWS Mobile Analytics, to make it even simpler and more cost-effective to build and scale mobile apps on the AWS Cloud."

Amazon Web Services is having a very busy 2014. In addition to the launch of these new mobile developer services, the company also just launched Amazon Zocalo, a new storage and file sharing service for enterprises. Last month, Amazon launched new SDKs alongside the release of the Fire Phone and introduced an incentive program for developers to build Fire Phone applications. In January, the company launched the Mobile Associates API.

Visit the official Amazon Web Services website to see the complete list of products and services available for developers.

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