The BBC continues to be a pioneering Web 2.0 media company with this week's release of a beta API. The REST-based API provides access to Channel, Programme (UK spelling of course), Genre, Group and Schedule information. As their site notes:

The purpose of this API is to allow people greater access to our content and information about our content. Two words sum up what this API is about: simple and TV-Anytime. The API is built on a TV-Anytime database (the same as used for the BBC Backstage 7-day TV/Radio feeds) and you can use it to extract information in TV-Anytime format. We have also provided a simple response format, giving quick and easy access to information.

One particularly interesting detail is that support of an XML data response format specified by the TV-Anytime Forum.

Overall, it's a good looking, straightforward API. Will be interesting to see what sorts of mashups folks build with this.

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