New Billaway API Provides Enterprise Customers Access to Rewards Program

Billaway, a rewards program solutions provider for enterprises, has just announced the launch of the Billaway API which allows developers to integrate the Billaway Platform into existing billpay and other product purchase systems.


Billaway is a turn-key rewards platform for enterprises which allows customers to earn credits for their purchases which they can then use towards reducing their monthly bills. Customers redeem these credits when making an online payment.

The new API makes the Billaway rewards program more accessible to customers because it allows the Billaway platform to be integrated with existing payment systems. Without the existence of the Billaway API, customers can only participate in the rewards program when they make payments on the Billaway website. Paul Harkins, Billaway CEO, states in the press release that:

"With this new API, we are making the Billaway rewards program more accessible to consumers and easier to integrate for any company where consumers pay a bill, purchase products/services, or donate to a cause, saving significant amounts for customers nationwide. We are also seeing businesses offer the unique platform to their employees as an employee benefit."

Visit to find out more about the Billaway rewards program and platform.

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