New Bitcasa CloudFS Platform Features Cloud File System APIs for Developers

Bitcasa, a leading cloud storage Platform provider, has just announced the general availability of Bitcasa CloudFS, a cloud storage platform that features plug-and-play storage functionality. Bitcasa CloudFS provides developers control of user data and makes it possible to build applications that utilize Bitcasa's scalable and secure cloud infrastructure. The platform also features the Bitcasa CloudFS API, a set of cloud file system APIs that allow developers to integrate the Bitcasa platform seamlessly with third-party applications.

In November 2013, ProgrammableWeb reported that Bitcasa had launched a new developer program and had released the Bitcasa API. In May of this year, the company announced limited availability of the Bitcasa CloudFS platform and in August, announced the open Beta release of new Bitcasa CloudFS APIs.


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The Bitcasa CloudFS platform differs from many other cloud storage providers in that everything uploaded to Bitcasa is encrypted on the user's device before being transferred to Bitcasa's servers. Files uploaded and stored on the platform are not identifiable; Bitcasa doesn't retain file names and cannot see the content inside the uploaded files.

ProgrammableWeb reached out to Bitcasa CEO Brian Taptich and VP of Product Luke Behnke to find out more about the Bitcasa CloudFS platform. Brian Taptich told ProgrammableWeb that over 7,000 Bitcasa CloudFS beta accounts have been opened since August 11 and that a wide variety of apps have been integrated with the platform. Taptich also said that the company is working on regionalizing data storage so that files uploaded to the Bitcasa platform are stored on a server located in the same country / region as the users' device location. For example, files uploaded from the device of a Bitcasa user in the United States would be stored on a server located in the United States.

Luke Behnke explained to ProgrammableWeb that while many other cloud storage providers are focused on the enterprise market, the Bitcasa platform is developer focused. Bitcasa CloudFS is designed to provide developers pre-built cloud storage functionality without sacrificing data ownership. The Bitcasa CloudFS platform is designed so that app developers do not need to build their own file system on public cloud infrastructure or having to use a third-party cloud storage API such as Box or Dropbox which can have a negative impact on User Experience.

“We are relentlessly focused on enabling developers to build applications that include both enterprise-grade data security and great end user features,” says Bitcasa CEO, Brian Taptich. “Not surprisingly, giving developers back ownership of the customer without requiring them to build or manage storage infrastructure is resonating and we’ve already seen significant inbound demand."

While the company does focus on developers, Enterprises can also leverage the platform's pre-built functionality and cloud file system APIs. Behnke and Taptich, told ProgrammableWeb that Bitcasa plans on adding enterprise specific features sometime in the future such as Active Directory / LDAP Integration and HIPAA compliance for healthcare industry applications.


Image Credit: Bitcasa

The Bitcasa CloudFS platform features a set of cloud file system APIs that are RESTful, support OAuth 2.0, and return API responses in JSON data format. The APIs make it possible for developers to build applications that include cloud storage capabilities without the need to redirect app users to a third-party cloud storage provider service. Metadata that can be returned by the API includes file system date attributes, application data attribute, folder-specific metadata, file-specific metadata, and share metadata.

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