New Braintree Marketplace Simplifies Payment Processing for Collaborative Consumption Platforms

Braintree, a web and mobile payments processing solutions provider, has just announced the launch of the Braintree Marketplace which enables customer payments to be split between a company marketplace and its sellers or providers. Developers can easily implement the brand new Marketplace payments solution using the Braintree API.


Image Credit: Braintree

The Braintree Marketplace was created for US-based companies that offer marketplace types of services and need to split payments with US sellers or providers. Examples of marketplace-style or collaborative consumption companies include TaskRabbit, Uber and Airbnb. Braintree CEO Bill Ready states for the press release that:

"Given the rapidly growing ability to access everything from a mobile device, consumers are quickly gravitating to next-generation marketplaces and collaborative consumption models. We created Marketplace so that our customers can keep growing their communities with far less regulatory burden and their users, both buyers and sellers, can easily transact via their mobile devices."

Using the Braintree API, developers can implement Marketplace as well as integrate payment processing functionality with web and mobile applications. Available client libraries include PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, Node JS and Microsoft .NET. There are also SDKs available for iOS, Android and Windows Phones.

In order for payment processing to be PCI compliant, developers need to integrate their apps using the available SDKs or Braintree.js and make sure customer payment information is stored in the vault. Developers also need to complete a free "Qualified Security Assessor's (QSA) online questionnaire."

Developers interested in using the Braintree Marketplace and other payment processing solutions should visit

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