New Cacoo SDK Edition Allows Integration of Cacoo Platform with Third-Party Apps

NulabNulab, a communication and collaboration applications company based in Japan, has announced the launch of the new Cacoo SDK edition which includes the brand new Cacoo SDK Edition API. Cacoo is a web-based collaborative drawing tool that allows users to create a variety of diagrams including sitemap, flowchart, mind map, wireframe, UML and network diagrams.


The new Cacoo SDK Edition API allows developers to seamlessly integrate the Cacoo platform into third-party applications. Third-party app users are not required to register for Cacoo accounts and Cacoo loading and menu logos can be removed or replaced. The primary functionality of the API includes:

  • Diagrams - Create, edit, copy and delete diagrams. Retrieve diagram details and display diagram images.
  • Sharing - Share diagrams without the need for app users to register for a Cacoo account.
  • Commenting - Add and refer comments on a diagram.
  • oEmbed - Allows embedding of diagrams into other webpages using oEmbed method.

The Cacoo SDK Edition is software that is separate from the website, requires installation on a server and includes the new Cacoo SDK Edition API.

There is also an ASP API version ( which is somewhat limited compared to the Cacoo SDK Edition. However, the standard Cacoo API does not require installation of software on a server.

For more information about the Cacoo platform, SDK and API documentation, and to request pricing details, visit the Cacoo website

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