New Change FX Launches Foreign Exchange API Suite

New Change FX (NCFX), a regulated benchmark administrator, has introduced a new suite of Foreign Exchange APIs. The suite includes three categories of APIs: NCFX Data APIs, NCFX Calculation APIs, and NCFX Model APIs. This means that customers are an API call away from NCFX benchmark data, calculations, and models.

The NCFX Data API supports over 70 currency pair requests, which NCFX calculates every 50 milliseconds. Data available for such pairs include last rate, time series, open/high/low/close, and time weighted average price. Both current and historical data are available. For more information on the Data APIs, check out the Data API overview.

The Calculation APIs available include the NCFX Implementation Shortfall API, NCFX Market Impact API, and NCFX Decay API. Implementation shortfall "captures the friction cost of an order from the moment it is raised to completion." Market Impact "is the product of two effects: a liquidity component and an information component." The Decay API "revalues trades at a range of different time stamps specified by the user."

New Change FX believes objective data is the key to making informed decisions in FX markets. Its ever-growing suite of tools aims to ease users' access to such data. Check out the data site to learn more.

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