New Coronavirus API Tracks Reported Case Data Worldwide

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to spread in the US and worldwide, with nearly 100,000 reported cases globally. Good information is extremely valuable during times like these and APIs can help make such information widely available. We previously covered a number of APIs that let developers leverage any available data about the virus; today we want to spotlight yet another one.

The GitHub repository under the name NovelCOVID has released an API that tracks data about the number of current cases of the virus. It is a simple RESTful API with two resources. The first, /all retrieves data on the number of worldwide reported cases, deaths and the number of recovered patients. The /countries Resource breaks the data down by country and includes the number of new cases, newly reported deaths and the number of cases deemed critical. There are currently over 80 countries represented in this data set.

The API can be found on GitHub and a Node.js SDKTrack this Framework/Library has also been made available. The ProgrammableWeb directory has a coronavirus category that you can follow to keep up with all of the latest API updates about the outbreak.

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