New Digital Ocean API Enters Public Beta, Improves on Original, a service that allows one to manage and monitor their virtual machines, recently adopted and reviewed the new Digital Ocean API v2 beta release. Having overviewed and exercised the API parameters, new additions and procedures found in v2 seem to be an overall great improvement compared to v1. 

Due to their low prices, high performance computing, and simple interface, Digital Ocean has been a popular choice when it comes to cloud computing and server options. Their new API, currently in beta version, attempts to solve some problems that were encountered in v1. For example, the new implementation tackles issues within v1's keychain management. The old version relied on three nearly identical GET requests for listing, creating, and erasing all keys, whereas the new, truly RESTful interface has GET, POST, & PUT methods with better documented responses. In doing so, the new version solves the lack of information returned when creating SSH keys, a pesky problem developers may have encountered in v1.

Coming well-documented, and improved with added OAuth and IPv6 support, the v2 API is already being consumed and endorsed for use by Digital Ocean is currently hosting an open tracker where developers can pinpoint any problems or bugs with the new service.

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First look at Digital Ocean’s new API