New Dropbox API Endpoint Allows File Uploads Via URL

Dropbox recently launched a new Dropbox API feature. Its /save_url constitutes a new Endpoint that allows developers to upload files to Dropbox with only a URL. Using the new feature, the need to download a file first vanishes. The feature works similarly to Dropbox Saver; however, because the feature was added to the Dropbox API, no user interaction is needed.

Once a developer obtains an OAuth access token, the developer can try out the new endpoint (the same process required for the use of any Core API endpoint). After access to the endpoint is gained, a simple API call to /save_url enables and displays the new functionality. Dropbox has provided a curl example on the blog announcement.

The destination path becomes part of the URL. The file to download is noted in the URL post parameter. In line with Dropbox's API strategy, the API returns a JSON response. Developers can use the Job ID to check job status. To learn more about the /save_url specifics, visit the new feature in the Core API docs.

The company previously deemed Dropbox Saver "the easiest way to add files to your users' Dropboxes." With only a couple of clicks, users can download files of any size with Dropbox Saver. Dropbox's new API endpoint, /save_url, may have just trumped Dropbox Saver's ease. Not only are downloads unnecessary, no clicks at all are necessary.

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