New Facebook API Determines User Eligibility of In-Game Promotions

Facebook introduced Payer Promotions earlier this year, an API that helps developers get players to pay more in games by offering special discounts and offers to specific users on a game's virtual currency. Facebook has now launched a new API that determines whether a user is eligible for the Payer Promotion offered in the game.

Developers previously had to use a DealSpot unit in order to insert a Payer Promotion in their games. With the new API, developers can determine which users are eligible for a promotion and create a custom designed unit to display the offer.

Facebook Payer Promotion Custom Unit

Screenshot Created by Facebook Showing Custom Promotion Unit Offered in War Commander. (The details of the offer in the screenshot may not match those of the current offer.)

The ability to create a custom Payer Promotion unit and show the offer in context at the correct point in a game helps increase conversion. Facebook uses the game "War Commander" by KIXEYE as an example and states that:

"KIXEYE created a custom unit for the promotion and has grown payer conversion 18% overall and seen a 8% lift in revenue in War Commander since implementing the feature."

To learn more about the new Payer Promotions Eligibility API, read the Payer Promotions Documentation at the Facebook Developers Website.

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