New Facebook SDK Prepares Devs for iOS 9

Facebook released the Facebook SDK for iOS (v4.6 and v3.24 in beta) to help developers prepare for iOS 9. The announcement came a week after the social network warned that the iOS 9 beta may affect Facebook Integration. The updated SDK not only supports iOS 9, it defaults for an optimum experience within iOS 9. To enjoy a smooth transition to iOS 9, developers will need to whitelist Facebook domains in plists in addition to utilizing the SDK v4.6 or v3.24 beta.

"We recommend that you update to this new SDK in order to best prepare your app for the upcoming iOS 9 release and wait until Apple releases the GM version of iOS 9 to submit your app to the app store," Facebook's Chris Pan suggested in a blog post announcement. "Once Apple releases the GM version of iOS 9, we will also release a final version of the Facebook SDK."

The new SDK versions are compatible with Xcode 7 and iOS 9 beta 5. It includes bitcode that enables support for app thinning. The default setting for an optimal iOS 9 experience means that the SDK dialogues for Facebook login, sharing across Facebook and Messenger, app invites, app events and native like will automatically determine the best experience for users, depending on the device used. To better understand additional tweaks that app developers need to make, view the guide Facebook published.

Per usual, Facebook has published all changes in the new SDKs at its change log. For those who need assistance with making necessary changes, Facebook encourages a visit to its support page. For a complete list of changes within iOS 9.0, visit Apple's site. While not all apps that integrate with Facebook will necessarily be affected by the move to iOS, many of Facebook's most used APIs and associated features will be impacted without the necessary adjustments and updates.

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