New Firebase Features Include FCM API Reporting Dashboard and In-App Messaging

A number of brand new features have been added to Firebase, an application development Platform acquired by Google in 2014. Among these newly added features are an FCM API Reporting dashboard and Firebase In-App Messaging.

Google introduced the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) API in November of last year. The API makes it easier for notifications and data messages to be sent to cross-platform applications. A new FCM API Reporting dashboard is now available which allows developers to view notification and messaging statistics from one central User Interface. For example, developers can use the dashboard to view various stats for notifications sent, opened, and impressions. The dashboard allows "sends" to be filtered by platform (iOS or Android) and send type (console or API).

Google has also launched Firebase In-App Messaging which allows developers to communicate with active app users via targeted and contextual in-app messages. This feature includes several options for customization such as format, color, and call to action (CTA). Developers could use this feature to enable apps to present active users with sales offers, app tips, and other relevant information. In-App Messaging is integrated with Google Analytics for Firebase so that developers can leverage user profile data and current behavior to created targeted messages. In-App Messaging is also integrated with Firebase Predictions which creates dynamic user groups based on the predicted behavior of app users.

Other new improvements made to Firebase include several integrations for Firebase Crashytics, a major update to the Project Overview page in the console, and Firebase Hosting now allows multiple websites to be hosted within one project.

The rollout of the new Firebase features begins today, and all the new features will be generally available to all Firebase users within the next couple of weeks.

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