New FlightStats Flex Alert API Beta Provides App Developers Access to Real-Time Flight Alerts

FlightStats, a leading provider of global flight and airport information services, just announced the launch of a new Flight Alerts API (beta) that provides access to "push-based alerting of flight status information."


Image Credit: FlightStats DevBlog

The FlightStats Flex Alert API beta is the newest addition to a suite of API services offered by FlightStats which includes Flight Status & Track, Flight Schedules and Airports APIs. The FlightStats Flex Alert API makes it possible for developers to include "Flight Alert Rules" in their apps. Using Flight Alert Rules, developers can create apps that provide users alerts for flight events such as gate changes, changes to departure and arrival times, flight delays and cancellations, and much more.

Alert messages generated by the FlightStats Flex Alert API are sent to third-party apps in either JSON or XML format. The API is RESTful, is compatible with the FlightStats Flex product family, and also includes comprehensive rule validation.

In the press release about the new FlightStats Flex Alert API, FlightStats CEO, Jeff Kennedy, says that:

"Traveling with the aid of FlightStats flight alerts is the next best thing to having a friend in the cockpit keeping you informed. Companies who serve travelers can incorporate this functionality in their applications to provide customers with the up-to-date information that takes some of the stress and uncertainty out of air travel."

At this time, developers can use and evaluate the FlightStats Flex Alert API at no charge. Pricing will be announced sometime during the beta phase of the API and will go into effect shortly after launching the production version of the API.

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