New Images of Earth Available through NASA's EPIC API

Those who frequent the NASA API Portal will notice a newly listed API: the EPIC API. The new API provides imagery data taken from the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC). EPIC, which sits aboard the DSCOVR satellite, provides a continuous view of the Earth's sunlit side. In turn, EPIC can measure a multitude of Earth's characteristics (e.g. ozone levels, aerosol amounts, cloud height and phase, vegetation properties, hotspot land properties, UV radiation).
The EPIC API was developed by NASA's Laboratory for Atmospheres (a team within the Goddard Space Flight Center's Earth Sciences Division). The API project began in 2015, and is now production ready. More details regarding the API and the imagery available can be found at the EPIC website
Developers can call the EPIC API to search for images by date, geographical region, or geographical regions viewable on a specific date. Further, the API can return the latest images available and associated dates. The API returns the data in a JSON list. Metadata included with every image includes image name, date, caption, and coordinates. 
EPIC imagery and API access is freely available. Developers can implement the data for reproduction or reuse. Commercial use is permitted. The team does ask that those using the data give credit to the "NASA EPIC Team". Check out all of NASA's APIs within ProgrammableWeb's API Directory here

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