New Job Requirement: Experience Building RESTful APIs

The headline of the AppNexus job description jumps out with a question: Have you built RESTful APIs?? It's the newest requirement for job listings, already known for their acronyms requiring OOP and MVC. You not only need to be able to consume web services. Now you have to have experience creating them.

As they describe in their job listing:

We need an efficient and agile engineer motivated by solving interesting technical challenges and building new applications quickly. Our team is rapidly developing RESTful APIs for our clients, functionality, and tools for our Platform. The position requires a problem solving mindset as much as it requires strong PHP, API design and scalable and maintainable software development skills.

The real-time ad platform company that placed the ad certainly knows the importance of APIs. For an ad network these days APIs are becoming more of a key requirement because media buyers are increasingly making decisions based on data, with tools automatically adjusting for better performing ads.

It's also interesting to notice the specific type of API AppNexus wants to create. It's not a SOAP API. As ProgrammableWeb's John Musser pointed out in his talk last month at GlueCon (see slides here), in the world of open APIs, simple wins. We've seen far fewer SOAP APIs than REST APIs over the last two years, as the slide above shows.

So, have you built RESTful APIs? And do you think it's destined to be seen in more developer job listings in the future?

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