New Job Title: API Engineer

Group event community site Meetup is looking for someone to join its team and the role is API-specific. The API Engineer is not the one who makes the company's Meetup API work. Rather, the job is responsible for spreading Meetup to "every mobile device and hyperlocal web site." That's quite the task. So, what are the requirements of an API Engineer?

According to the job listing:

Working on the Meetup API, you will:

  • Write software in Python, Java, and JavaScript
  • Specify and implement new methods and functionality
  • Write clear and precise user Documentation
  • Extend the reach of the API by facilitating integrations
  • Support API users on any Platform
  • So, the API Engineer is in a way the companion role to the RESTful API job requirement we covered in June. One creates the platform, the other uses it.

    Many times companies hope independent developers will use their API to reach all platforms. However, internal use is also important and you should be one of your target audiences. One way to ensure that the platform is used internally is to have someone in charge of it, which is what it appears Meetup is doing with its upcoming API Engineer.

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