New JustGiving APIs Allow Anyone to Build Apps that Make a Difference

JustGiving, a leading social and charity giving Platform, has announced the launch of new global JustGiving APIs allowing developers to create innovative third-party social and charity giving applications using the JustGiving platform. London-based JustGiving was founded in 2001 with the goal to make "giving and raising money for charity simple, social and rewarding." JustGiving has enabled 22 million unique users to raise £1.8 billion for many thousands of charities and causes since the launch of the organization. JustGiving launched APIs to UK charities in 2011 allowing an additional £76 million to be raised for worthy causes. To date, 750,000 fundraising pages have been created via JustGiving APIs.

A small number of apps have already been created using the new APIs and can be found in the JustGiving App Center.

The launch of the new JustGiving APIs opens the platform to everyone and increases the capacity for people to fundraise and give to over 13,000 charities and worthy causes. Jamie Parkins, API and Platform Product Manager at JustGiving, told ProgrammableWeb that:

"The new global APIs give anyone the opportunity to embed giving or fundraising data from JustGiving in an application, in one of eight currencies. Developers have access to JustGivingís unique one-touch donation process, making it possible to give instantly to causes around the globe."

The JustGiving APIs are RESTful and available content types include JSON, XML, and JSONP (JSONP is experimental). At the time of this writing, there are two SDKs (C# and PHP) available on GitHub. The APIs allow programmatic access to JustGiving platform resources including Account, Charity, Countries, Currency, Donation, Event, Fundraising, Project, Search, and Team. A small number of apps have already been created and integrated with the JustGiving platform and can be found in the new JustGiving App Center. Examples of apps that have been built with JustGiving APIs include Guilty Pledgers, Million Beats, Race for Life, and Dare to Donate.

  • Guilty Pledgers not only incorporates JustGiving APIs, but is also powered by the Spotify platform. Guilty Pledgers is a Spotify app (UK only) that helps people raise money for charity by asking guests at their house party to pledge money in exchange for adding their favorite songs to the party playlist.
  • Million Beats is an app created by the Australian charity Hearts4Heart to encourage people to get heart fit through exercise. The app allows users to donate every time they raise their heart rate.
  • The Race for Life app was created by Cancer Research UK and is fully integrated with the JustGiving platform. The app allows fundraisers direct access to their fundraising totals and targets while their using the app.
  • Dare to Donate is an app with the goal of making donating to causes fun. The app can be used to ìdareî others to donate to a worthy charity or cause. The app is currently in beta, beta invitation can be requested.

JustGiving has a lot of exciting plans in the works for 2014 which includes the upcoming new GiveGraph engine. GiveGraph will allow for a more intelligent JustGiving platform:

  • GiveGraph will enable JustGiving to better connect people with the causes they care about.
  • Itís the worldís largest graph of giving behavior and contains 44million people, 10,000s of causes and 111 million connections.
  • It ís the giving engine which will power changes to JustGiving.

GiveGraph will be built from a large variety of data points about giving behavior that JustGiving has been collecting over the last ten years. The GiveGraph engine will also be enriched by using a set of programming tools available via Facebook OpenGraph. Jamie Parkins told ProgrammableWeb that:

"Over the last couple of years JustGiving has built a team of scientists, statisticians and Machine Learning experts to help us better connect people with the causes they care about. We found that what people care about is heavily influenced by their relationships and associations. To understand the impact of these relationships, the team structured this information as a system of nodes and links or connections that can be analyzed using graph theory."

For more information about the JustGiving platform, visit the official website. API Information and Documentation can be found on the JustGiving Developers Portal. In addition, you can follow the JustGiving API on ProgrammableWeb for notification of updates.  

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