New Kii Cloud Platform Release Adds Unity SDK support

Kii, a leading mBaaS provider has released new Platform features that will help mobile developers build additional features and increase the reach of their applications. The new release introduces key features like Notifications and Geolocation support among others along with strong Integration with Unity, a leading mobile game development platform.

One of the main areas of focus in the new release is support for Unity SDK, a leading game development platform. Kii makes it simple now for developers to handle player login, saving game data and accessing analytical data around retention, engagement and monetization. The Kii backend platform will do the heavy-lifting while providing integration via a few lines of code.

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Masanari Arai, Kii founder and CEO.  “Gaming, in particular, is a very large market for mobile developers, and it's always our goal to add features which can help the largest developer communities turn their apps into global businesses.” Kii says that this is just a start and they are working on bringing in more features for Game Developers.

Push Notifications is another big feature in the release. Multiple options for notifications are available : Push to App, Push to Users and Direct Push to the App. New Platform features also include the Geolocation API, a Data Browser to allow developers to view application data and support for writing your own custom server code, all deployed and running on Kii Cloud, without the need for your own server infrastructure.

For more details, check out the full press release.

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