New Mashups: Rents, T-Shirts, and Videos

Time for a Friday roundup of some of the more interesting mashups from the past week.


  • Rentometer: Genuinely useful mashup that can help you determine if you are paying too much in rent. Enter an address, apartment size, and rent. It maps nearby units and shows a meter of your price versus min, max and average. [via Brady at O'Reilly Radar]
  • Create personalized T-Shirts with your own coded messages (via the Zazzle API). Converts strings to Hexadecimal. As they ask: Ever wanted to walk through customs wearing a T-Shirt that says "I've got a bomb in my bag"?
  • Video Maps Japan: Japanese mashup combining videos and Google Maps.
  • Run Finder: Find running routes of others or draw your own. Ajax-y interface. UK-based.

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