New Mashups: War Games and Halloween

Time for a review of some of the more interesting new mashup arrivals. Over 25 new mashups have been added in the past week alone. Subject matter includes games, sports, news, music, shopping, pets and others. Click here for the full list by date.

War Game

War Game

  • Endgame : World War: Claims to be the first massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game on Google Maps. Take over the world in this real time Risk-like game.
  • Cycling in California: Nice Google Maps mashup showing a list of road bike events in CA. Map popups show ride profile graph and current weather.
  • Mashup of Local Halloween Events. Google Maps, Yahoo News, Yahoo Local, Flickr, and Upcoming. Uses the HostIP API to auto-recognize where you're visiting from.
  • I Love Music Video: Music video viewer for users. The music video can be seen from the chart of very easily. Videos from YouTube.

One other note, over the past 14 days, 12 percent of new mashups here are using the YouTube API. That's 42 YouTube mashups.

John Musser

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[...] This mashup is clever. Via John Musser's ProgrammableWeb:"The First MMO Real Time Strategy on Google Maps. Take over the world in this real time Risk-like game based on Google Maps."Sign up is pretty painless, but a problem finding players - you need a minimum of two, so you could end up hanging around for ages to pair up against some competition.(Btw, nothing here that couldn't be done with Windows Live's the Virtual Earth Dev Center). Posted: Friday, October 20, 2006 8:56 AM by alexbarnett Filed under: Web 2.0, Ajax [...]