New Microsoft MSDN API

Some interesting API news from Microsoft this week: MSDN, Microsoft's venerable, and quite large, documentation database now has an API: the Microsoft/TechNet Publishing System (MTPS) Content Services. From MSDN's Craig Andera:

In brief, the MTPS Content Services are a set of web services for exposing the content in MTPS. MTPS is the application I helped write a few years back that stores and processes all the content at MSDN2. With the web service, you now have programmatic access to all that data via SOAP. So if you want to embed access to the documentation for System.Xml.XmlTextReader into your application, go for it. If you want to know what the child nodes of System.DateTime.ToString() are in the table of contents, you can go and find that, too. I expect to see some fairly interesting uses of the service pop up in the near future. There's such a huge amount of good information in MTPS that I imagine lots of people will want to leverage it.

As they note, it's a useful dataset that's been freed to new forms of external search, display and mixing. It is now listed with the APIs here. [via Alex Barnett]

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