New Monthly Contest Gives $5,000 to Best 4shared App

Online file storage and sharing is now a part of the workflow of most netizens. File storage vendors are engaged in a big battle with each other to capture user mindshare. One of the key differentiators is to provide unique applications that work in conjunction with the file storage services at the backend. 4shared announced a unique developer contest that could see the winners earn some serious money for working with the 4shared API.

The company's Platform exposes more than 100 API functions that allow you to perform all kinds of actions like upload, search files, create and delete folders, etc. Signing up for the API is completely free and you get 10 GB of space.

The Developer contest invites developers to build an application using any of the 4shared SOAP API functions. You can then submit your application to them at Every month 4shared will select one application as the best of the month and will give $5000 to the developer. The winning applications will also get featured at its site, thereby earning you good promotion to its users.

It is not clear at this point in time about the duration of this contest and what kinds of applications the company is looking for, so the field is pretty much open.

The 4shared API documentation is quite extensive. One of the nice things is the range of their Sample Code. They are serious about all mobile platforms taking advantage of their API and have given sample code in various platforms like iOS, Android, QT, etc.

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