New NetDNA Acceleration Platform and REST API Provides Application Developers Seamless CDN Integration

NetDNA, a content delivery solutions provider, has just announced the launch of the NetDNA Acceleration Platform and brand new REST API. The NetDNA Acceleration Platform provides developers the ability to embed web acceleration capabilities into websites and third-party applications. The New NetDNA REST API was designed specifically for use in third-party applications allowing access to resources such as accounts, users, zones and reports.

NetDNA Plugins

"The fastest way to get started is to download and install already written NetDNA plugins."
Image Credit: NetDNA

The NetDNA Acceleration Platform provides developers the ability to resell CDN services via their own applications as well as improve the performance of their applications through integration of NetDNA web acceleration services. The NetDNA REST API provides developers a variety of features and tools including near real-time stats, API console, sample code in several programming languages, and monetization of third-party plugins. Chris Ueland, Co-Founder and President of NetDNA is quoted in the announcement as saying:

"Slow web performance is a significant pain point for websites and Internet businesses of all sizes. With NetDNA Acceleration Platform, we are expanding the market for CDN services by enabling developers to pass on web acceleration to their customers. Our goal is that CDN services become a widespread feature of web apps giving all Internet sites the capability to deliver optimal performance."

Although the XML-RPC API is still supported (as legacy), NetDNA encourages developers to transition to the new REST API. The API Console was created to help ease this transition by providing the ability to test out API features using a small amount of time. The console can also be used for quick development and mock up features.

There are several already-written plugins available at the NetDNA Showcase that developers can install and see how others are using NetDNA services in their applications.

The NetDNA REST API supports both JSON and XML data formats and sample code is available in PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and .NET.

At the time of this writing, the cost of using the NetDNA Acceleration Platform and REST API is based on data volume, however, NetDNA accounts "start as low as $800 per month."

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Hi Jack, I'm not sure if the company intends on introducing lower priced plans for developers and companies that do not have the budget to pay $800 per month for the NetDNA Acceleration service. It seems like the company is targeting large enterprises right now, but hopefully they will consider aiming at a broader audience by offering lower priced options in the future. Thanks for the comment... Janet


You're welcome Janet.


The NetDNA Acceleration Platform seems a useful tool to app developers, however the starting price of $800 a month may put many people off. Do you think NetDNA accounts will be offering more affordable monthly packages in the coming months?

[...] The NetDNA API allows developers to integrate NetDNA’s content delivery network solutions into their own applications. This allow developers to resell CDN services as well as benefit from the faster web performance their applications will receive. The API was specifically developed for third party applications and gives access to resources such as accounts; users, zones and reports to better help developers utilize the acceleration platform. To learn more about the NetDNA API visit the NetDNA site as well as the NetDNA API blog post. [...]