New Phone APIs from AOL

At the VON 2006 Conference in Boston this week AOL will demonstrate the use of three new VoIP Internet telephony APIs as part of their AIM Phoneline service. As reported in InformationWeek:

AOL hopes the Open AIM Phoneline initiative would encourage the building of devices and software that add functionality that consumers find attractive. AIM Phoneline is a voice over Internet protocol service that provides PC-to-PC and PC-to-telephone calling.

One API would provide the ability to add personalized ring tones, a feature that's become popular among mobile phone users. Another would allow manufacturers to build speakerphones and phone adapters that use a computer's USB port. The adapters could be used to allow standard cordless phones to initiate and receive calls over AIM Phoneline, AOL said.

Finally, the third would let developers build new call management functionality, such as context and relevance-based call handling that could treat each call on the basis of rules set for Caller ID, online presence, calendar activities and more.

The API database here now has this new AOL AIM Phoneline entry.

As part of their promotion for the APIs, AOL is announcing a contest, now listed on the /contests page. More on the contest later here this week.


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