New Posterous API: Revamped and Full Service

Free blogging service Posterous is simple to use, but posts several types of content via e-mail or web: video, audio, pictures, and documents. For some users, though, they might prefer more enhancements to the interface, or a mobile app. For them, and the developers that cater to them, there's the newly updated Posterous API. A complete replacement and rewrite to the previous version, this allows a lot more access to developers, including administrative options like adding sites and users.

The announcement explains more:

Today, we're happy to announce a new API that allows third-party developers to access the full Posterous technology Stack. The new API gives developers unprecedented access to methods and actions that were formerly available only to the core Posterous engineering team including the ability to create sites, add users for those sites and assigning custom themes for each user. Additionally, we've added API methods for retrieving and manipulating data around sites, users, posts, comments, and a number of other Posterous data types.

The API is RESTful, using HTTP Basic Authorization. It does require an API Key, which they call an API token. If you have a Posterous account, you can use the API to create one, or use the proper API call. If you don't, head over to the Posterous main site and make an account. The API calls allow quite a few tricks, including making new user accounts, retrieving the posts from the user's subscriptions, creating posts and even entire new sites. It's quite robust, allowing you to do with the API anything you could do on the site.

The ability to allow even new accounts to be generated is quite impressive, and could lead to a lot of interesting usages. A developer could make a client that allows a user to create new blogs on the fly with a mobile device in a pretty intelligent way, with a good interface, and make blogging on Posterous even more accessible. I really look forward to seeing some mashups using this as well, but where this one will really shine is in the mobile app world.

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