New Postman Pro Features API Monitoring, Documentation Generation, and Collaboration Tools

Postman has announced the launch of Postman Pro, a new version of Postman that features API monitoring, documentation generation, and collaboration tools. The original version of Postman is geared toward individual developers who want to test and consume APIs. Postman Pro goes further, providing tools that developers can use to collaborate on API projects, create and publish API documentation, and monitor APIs.

Screenshot of Postman Pro Team Library

Postman is an HTTP client for testing Web services. Developers can use Postman to develop, test, and document APIs. The Postman REST client allows developers to quickly construct API requests, save them in collections for later use, and analyze the responses sent from APIs. Postman started out as a Chrome application but has since become available as native applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Postman Chrome application is still available; however, Google recently announced plans to discontinue support for Chrome Apps over the next two years. The Postman team encourages Postman Chrome application users to move to a native application at their convenience.

The new Postman Pro tools have been added on top of the standard Postman application. Developers can use Postman Pro to collaborate on API projects, generate and publish API documentation, and monitor APIs once they are deployed. Development teams can share Postman collections and environments within a common team library and access the most recent API versions and team assets automatically.

Screenshot of Postman Pro Documenter

ProgrammableWeb reached out to Postman CEO and co-founder Abhinav Asthana who provided details about some of the new features and benefits of Postman Pro. Asthana explained that Postman Pro goes beyond the needs of individual developers who use Postman to test and consume APIs. Postman Pro was created so that teams of developers could work together to build, test, document, and monitor APIs.

Using Postman Pro, teams can publish API documentation in an internal team library or publish documentation externally. Teams can also use Postman Pro to monitor APIs and make sure everything is in sync. Monitoring can be scheduled to run in time intervals such as hourly, weekly, or even indefinitely. Postman Proís documentation and monitoring features are in the browser and are connected through a shared team library; this ensures that Postman tools are in sync. Users can control a lot of the behaviors of the monitors in a lot of detail.

Screenshot of Postman Pro Monitoring

Asthana told ProgrammableWeb that among the key features of Postman Pro is an API that provides access to your account or your team library and a monitoring API that can be used to trigger monitoring from something that happens in your infrastructure. Using Postman Pro APIs, developers can connect their business system to make sure that their tests are always in sync and running with their code base. Developers want to be able to build, document, and deploy APIs as fast and efficiently as possible. Postman Pro is designed to help developers do just that.

"Postman Pro is the first complete toolchain for API developers, and we have extensive flexibility and multiple integrations to allow developers to connect our tool into their existing workflow," said Asthana. "We are unique among API tools in providing a complete tool, without locking in the developer. We are focused on the developer, and with this product release, we make the API developerís work easier, faster, and better."

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