New Relic Launches Insights Dashboard API

New Relic, a digital performance monitoring and management platform provider, has launched the New Relic Insights Dashboard API. The new API provides programmatic access to sub-account dashboards and accounts across an organization. The API includes five types of endpoints which allow users to programmatically list, show, create, update, and delete Insights dashboards.

New Relic Insights is a platform that monitors and collects data from a company’s live production software in real time. The platform then provides real-time analytics about customers, applications, and other aspects of the business. The platform collects data on three event types out of the box; PageView events and Transaction events for web applications, and MobileSession events for native mobile applications.

Queries to the New Relic Insights database are made with the New Relic Query Language (NRQL), a query language similar to SQL. NRQL converts the data collected from applications into dynamic charts. NRQL is also used with the Insights API so that queries can be made from external applications and systems.

The New Relic Insights Dashboard API can be leveraged for use cases beyond just creating, updating, and deleting Insights dashboards. The API can also be used to automate the management of dashboards, create dashboard self-service for company monitoring and analytics teams, and automatically create dashboards that are pre-populated with specific company metrics and charts.

Developers can try out New Relic API calls with the interactive API Explorer on the company website.

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