New Seagate Kinetic HDD Features Open Source Object API

Seagate Technology, a leading provider of hard drives and storage solutions, has unveiled the Seagate Kinetic HDD, a new object-based storage drive that is Ethernet-connected and features an open source object API. The API provides developers with programmatic access to storage features and functionality. The company announced the release of the Kinetic Open Storage API at the OpenStack Summit that took place earlier this year.


Image Credit: Seagate Technology

The Seagate Kinetic open source object API allows cloud servers and storage to scale independently. It provides access to any Kinetic hard drive on the network and makes it possible for developers to integrate the Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Platform with applications and systems. Developers can also use the API to build their own innovative storage architectures. Scott Horn, Seagate's vice president of marketing, is quoted in a press release as saying:

Over the past decade, the unprecedented explosion of data has been driven by social media, smartphones, tablets, and the rapid growth of every sort of Internet-connected device. Cloud service providers (CSPs) are increasingly looking for solutions that will simplify infrastructure, improve scalability and reduce costs — Kinetic HDD addresses these needs revolutionizing the data storage economics for today’s cloud and beyond.

Seagate provides several Kinetic Storage APIs that allow for new hard disk drive capabilities such as data sharing between drives, drive-to-drive data transit using peer-to-peer data copy commands and comprehensive data integrity checks. In addition, the Seagate Kinetic Storage API will initially include SWIFT and Riak CS, which, according to the Seagate website, "allow thousands of drives to be managed as a single, reliable storage cluster." Mark Re, Seagate’s chief technology officer, says in the press release:

Seagate is committed to the Kinetic platform and we see enormous potential in opening it up to developers around the world to provide them with the ability to deliver breakthrough cloud storage architectures. We believe in driving open source innovation and empowering a vibrant ecosystem of system builders and software developers with the tools they need to deploy cutting-edge storage solutions and drive this truly revolutionary platform.

For more information about the Seagate Kinetic HDD and Kinetic open source object API, visit the Seagate website.

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