New Startup Seeks to Disrupt CAD/CAM Industry with Smart APIs

A new tech company,, is hoping to shake up the CAD and manufacturing worlds with their SaaS-based APIs. is a 10-employee entity, with APIs that present an alternative to offerings from established players, such as 3D Systems and Autodesk. may be the new kid on the block, but the team behind this project has a history in the field of 3D printing. Michael Golubev and key team members are notable for establishing 3Dponics, an open-source hydroponics system. Additionally, they formed 3Dprintler, a search engine meant for 3D printing. The latter received the Audience Choice at the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield at Disrupt NY 2016. While these services use APIs, a 3Dprintler API is also available.

So how does plan to stand out from the crowd? The team focuses on placing the needs of developers first. Furthermore, companies with time constraints are now able to take advantage of both CAD and CAM components, without relying on internal solutions. Thus, they can focus on creating and deploying a myriad of products, services, apps and bots. set out with lower monthly prices in comparison to their rivals. More importantly, claims that their APIs outperform those of their competitors.

Their current range of APIs is comprehensive. These include an Additive Manufacturing API, CAD Model Viewer API, CAD Model Editor, CAD Model Parameter Extractor, CAD Model Converter, CAD Model Repair API. A thumbnail generator and 3D printing materials library complement an already versatile toolbox of APIs. will continue developing APIs. Moreover, they are calling on developers to become early adopters with a free trial account

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