New Textmunication APIs Evolves CPaaS Offering

Textmunication, mobile marketing solution provider, announced four new APIs. The APIs were built on top of the company's Smart Automated Messaging (SAM) Platform and transforms the company into a complete Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider. The suite of new APIs includes the Textmunication SMS API which allows developers to easily integrate SMS functionality into apps.

Textmunication built SAM, and the newly released APIs with a specific target in the health club industry. The company continues to build its portfolio with a focus on nonintrusive communications to help drive engagement, retention, and loyalty among users. Health clubs are an excellent target for such tools, and Texmunication has built a user base in the industry.

The RESTful API enables developers to integrate simple texting functionality, or complex communication solutions. In addition to communication features, the API enables developers to query metadata on user interaction which empowers health clubs with critical marketing data. To learn more, request access to the API docs.

With a reasonable, and tiered pricing approach, Textmunication is accessible for most health clubs. Despite the low price point, the platform can handle a billion SMS messages each month. Textmunication plans on adding AI and Rich Communication Services (RCS) features to the platform shortly.

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