New Ticket to Ride Kindle Fire App Uses Amazon Mobile Associates API to Offer In-App Purchase of Physical Board Games

Last week, ProgrammableWeb reported that Amazon had launched the new Amazon Mobile Associates API (available as part of the Amazon Mobile App SDK) which allows physical and digital products sold by Amazon to be offered within apps and games that are distributed through Amazon and other Android stores. Days of Wonder, a popular board and online games publisher, has announced the release of a new Kindle Fire version of the popular cross-country train adventure game Ticket to Ride. The new Kindle Fire Ticket to Ride app uses the Amazon Mobile Associates API to allow in-app purchasing of physical Ticket to Ride board games as well as the available game expansions.

Ticket to Ride App

Image Credit: Days of Wonder

The key features of the Amazon Mobile Associates API such as direct linking, in-app product detail and preview, in-app shopping, and digital bundling allow developers to create a contextualized shopping experience within their apps and games. Using Amazon's new API, game publishers can develop new and effective business models that bridge the gap between physical and digital board gaming. Days of Wonder Founder and CEO, Eric Hautemont, states for the press release that:

"This really is a natural evolution of our company’s business model: bridging the gap between high quality physical and digital board gaming. Both genres complement each other: the physical board games offer players a unique tactile feel and irreplaceable in-person experience, while their digital counter-parts offer a smooth learning experience, competitive level play and always-available opponents. Launching with Amazon’s new API reduces the tremendous friction that existed between the physical and digital worlds, letting players buy in the Days of Wonder game experience on all platforms via a single tap on their Kindle. Amazon is uniquely positioned to offer this kind of physical in-app shopping experience, and we were well positioned to take advantage of it."

Digital versions of Ticket to Ride are available for Kindle Fire, iOS, Steam, and Google Play. Developers interested in the Amazon Mobile Associates API can find detailed information on the Amazon Mobile App Distribution website.

The Days and Wonder game publishing company is a good example of how brick and mortar businesses can use APIs and other web technologies to gain a competitive advantage and remain relevant in the digital era.

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