New TMS OnConnect Managed Services Platform Provides Tools for Developing Advanced Entertainment Driven Apps

Tribune Media Services, a leading provider of TV, movie, celebrity and other entertainment related metadata, has announced the launch of OnConnect Managed Services, a Data as a Service (DaaS) Platform that provides a set of new data delivery APIs and a new image hosting service that developers can use to create advanced, entertainment driven, third-party applications.

TMS OnConnect

Image Credit: Tribune Media Services

TMS Data Delivery APIs provided in the OnConnect Managed Services platform allow web and mobile applications read-only access to a wide range of entertainment data. The types of entertainment data available are listed in detail on the OnConnect Developer site and include:

  • Lineups: listing of available channel/stations, by geographic area and provider
  • Stations: TV stations and related channels available in a lineup
  • Programs: individual programs (TV shows, movies, sports events)
  • Series: serialized programs (episodic TV shows, miniseries, talk shows)
  • Movies: theatrical-release and made-for-TV movies
  • Sports: program information specific to sports genre
  • Celebrities: detailed personal information for celebrities

The TMS Data Delivery APIs are RESTful and data is returned in JSON format. In order to use the APIs, developers need to first register for a Mashery ID (Mashery powers the APIs of brands in a variety of industries).

The OnConnect Managed Services platform also includes the new TMS Image Cloud, an on-demand, scalable image-serving platform that delivers entertainment related images for use in websites and third-party applications. Developers need to obtain an API key from the Mashery Portal in order to access the Image Cloud API.

The TMS OnConnect Managed Services platform is geared for connected TVs, mobile devices, tablets and second screen applications. Entertainment content and information is now consumed using a variety of different devices and platforms. TMS data APIs allow developers to create applications that feature on-demand access to up-to-date information and meta-data for television shows, movies, sports, celebrities and much more.

In the press release, John Kelleher, TMS President and Chief Operating Officer is quoted as saying:

"The industry is clearly moving toward a wider array of consumer guides, applications and UIs. OnConnect will help developers rapidly innovate by leveraging the quality and connectivity of On Entertainment data, growing loyalty and usage for their offerings along the way."

Developers can sign up to use the TMS Data Delivery APIs and Image Cloud Service at the OnConnect website.

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