New Version Gives Users Insight Into Kynetx Browser Mashups

Most of our 5800+ Mashups listed in our directory involve a new site being created from one or more other services, usually web sites themselves. The Kynetx API, which has been called Greasemonkey in the cloud, brings mashups into your browser, right where you're already browsing. The new version of its Chrome extension (coming soon to other browsers) gives users insight into what's creating the mashup they're viewing.

Browser extensions are not new and they have been available in Firefox, Chrome and other browsers since a while. Kynetx goes a step further by providing an uber browser extension (plugin) that manages and runs various apps within it and activates them as applicable to the domain that you are interacting with it. It also includes a Marketplace where you can list your Kynetx-powered application and developers can install your applications which will run within the ambit of the Kynetx plugin. Some of the current applications include a way to augment the Twitter user with additional profile information, incorporating a Send button into the page to send any page to your Facebook friends and so on. Some other possible applications can include embedding Amazon prices into any other ecommerce site selling the same goods. Interesting, isn’t it?

Users of late are very particular in terms of what applications/extensions are running in their browser. To make things as transparent as possible, Kynetx has introduced some significant enhancements to their plugin, where you can now manage what Kynetx Apps are running on your page. You can see what applications are running and how they may affect your experience.

If you are a developer, you can get started with Kynetx API by signing up and registering your organization name. This will create your marketplace organization under which you can make your applications available. There is extensive documentation available and a Hello World sample to get you started.

The Kynetx approach is unique in its ambition to be the delivery Platform of plugins that work across all browsers, updating in the cloud. And the Kynetx Application that I look forward to? One which lets me visit a site and embeds the API details for that site from ProgrammableWeb.

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