New API Exposes Voice-Over Database, an industry-leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talent, has released an API that provides access to its database of more than 125,000 voice-over professionals. The API allows businesses to integrate on-demand talent directly into a corporate website. The API enables individually set pricing and greatly reduces time to market for voice-over applications. The API moves the industry another step closer to a fully automated creative process.

"Opening up our innovative business services translates to empowering other companies to create amazing work through the API. We're excited to see the innovation that results from this," David Ciccarelli,'s CEO and co-founder, said in a press release.

As a voice-over industry leader, can boast of a customer list that includes some of the world's most successful brands (NBC, ABC, PBS, Discovery Channel and many more). The new API strategy will help better engage its existing client base and open up its ability to reach additional customers. estimates that the API will reduce time to market for voice applications to as little as 48 hours.

To use the API, developers need access to an API Key. Those interested can request a key directly from through its Developer Program. Data available via the API includes available jobs and talents. For Sample Code and detailed API information, check out the API docs hosted a hackathon at its offices to launch the API. The hackathon included developers, business analysts and designers who created new, innovative use cases for voice-over services. The hackathon allowed to understand future potential for its services and where it might market and improve the service. For more information, visit the API site

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