New Widgets and Graph-like API Expands LinkedIn's Reach

It's no secret that Facebook's Graph API and widgets have contributed a great to Facebook's success and never-ending permeation of the web as we know it. Looking to make a similar move, LinkedIn has recently expanded its own developer Platform and LinkedIn API. The new LinkedIn tools aren't just aimed at developers. With just a couple lines of code, you can begin integrating LinkedIn in to your web page with a variety of plugins and widgets.

As of right now, you have your typical share buttons, allowing your visitors to share links through LinkedIn. You also have the user profile widget that lets you add a micro version of your LinkedIn profile to your site. Pretty handy for a portfolio or resume site.

LinkedIn Developer Network Community Plugins 2

Slightly more interesting is the Company Insider widget, which allows you to list company employees and new hires. The Company Insider widget can easily replace a simple company staff page.

Finally, LinkedIn also has an OAuth 2.0-powered single sign-on button, so you can have quick login for existing LinkedIn users.

These new widgets are hopefully just the beginning for the others and the beginning of a new direction for LinkedIn's API. And hopefully, it will mean more and more usable LinkedIn applications. We currently list 33 LinkedIn mashups in our directory.

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